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Nauta Capital Management

A Partner of the   Avantulo Group

Site Location

Outdoor sports facilities.

  • World class 9 hole and 18 hole golf courses, proposed for the private property.
  • Multiple 4 and 5 star accommodation facilities.
  • Health and wellness centre with all traditional, as well as, state of the art integrated medical services.
  • Here is where a person goes to get well in both mind and body !
  • Lecture room facilities.
  • Convention centres.
  • National and International entertainment.

Site 'A' and Site 'B'

12 Mile Beach Front

SITE A: = 6,000,000 m² = 600 hectares = 64,585,575 square feet = 1,482.7 acres
SITE B: = 4,700,000 m² = 470 hectares = 50,592,034 square feet = 1,161.4 acres
10,700,000 m² = 1,070 hectares = 115,173,891 square feet = 2,644 acres

Fresh Water Lake

" The vision we are proposing in Recreation, Health & Wellness will

become the world standard that will be emulated globally in the future "