Nauta Capital Foundation

Managed by the Avantulo Group

Welcome to our Team

Mr. Robert Adams, Managing Director of Avantulo, S.A.

    -  With an engineering background coupled with extensive investment banking and project finance and development experience, Mr. Adams serves as Managing Director of Avantulo, S.A.

     -  He is also Managing Director of the Renaissance Group of Los Angeles, a company closely affiliated with Avantulo structured as trustee for management of project funds.

     -  Mr. Adams and his wife are longtime residents of Southern California. 

     -  They are the parents of 4 and grandparents of 11.

     -  They are actively involved in both their church and community as contributing members.


Mr. Denis A. Moyen

  • Project Secretary - Nauta Capital Management

  • Founder of Global Ocean Group
  • Business Admin (BA)
  • Project Manager​

  •   Mr. Moyen, Secretary of Nauta Capital Management Limited working together with the Global Ocean Group of Companies...has extensive experience in businesses, with experience in real estate development, and construction. He has owned several oil and gas companies, and various manufacturing plants.

  •   In 2006 Mr. Moyen acquired over $30 Million in Real Estate properties with the Global Ocean Group, and has since leveraged and invested this equity value into project technology over the past many years, now currently in its latest development stages.

  •   A graduate of St. Matthew College, Mr. Moyen has over fifty years of experience with a very diverse business background. His proven management style, record of accomplishments and born leadership inspires others to work at their highest levels toward a common goal.

Mr. Christopher S. McDiarmid​

  • President - Nauta Capital Foundation

  • Founder of Global Ocean Group
  • Secretary - Avantulo Group
  • Marketing Manager (MM)
  • Business Admin (BA)
  •   Mr. McDiarmid is the Founder and CFO of Global Ocean Group of Companies...a graduate in business and marketing from Red Deer College with a very diverse background. ​
  •   In 2006 Mr. McDiarmid acquired over $30 Million in Real Estate properties with the Global Ocean Group, and has since leveraged and invested this equity value into project technology over the past many years, with many corporations from Project Development to Project Finance... now currently in its latest development stages.​

  •   Mr. McDiarmid has expertise in the areas of strategic planning, leadership development, team building, finance, marketing, technology development, corporate branding and consulting to a wide variety of businesses and organizations...

  •   Mr. McDiarmid has been working with Mevi Capital Group since 2003 when Mr. McDiarmid spent one year in Hong Kong - and Together, with Nauta Capital Management Limited, and Global Ocean Group - they now have various corporations specializing in Green Energy Projects and Technologies.

  •   With many years of experience from Legal, to Accounting, Project Finance and Management, Mr. McDiarmid looks forward to growing Internationally with Nauta Capital Management Limited as the Senior Project Supervisor - and utilize the many years traveling through Asia - Europe - and North and South America to establish/create many unique projects - utilizing international trade finance contacts... ​

Mr. Mark A. Bravi

  • Financing of Project and Technologies Director - Nauta Capital Management

  • MS in Civil & Plumbing Engineering
  • Licensed Real Estate Investment Broker
  •   Mr. Mark A. Bravi is a Senior National and International business executive with over 60 years of experience with a proven track record in a variety of fields, including investments, international trade, construction, cosmetics, and real estate. He is recognized as a strong creative manager with organizational and business skills through the ownership of several private companies.
  •   Mr. Bravi was Director of a Subcontracting firm in Odessa, Ukraine serving 120 General Contractors with 455 employees completing approximately 600 projects per year. Mr. Bravi was the field supervisor and project engineer managing the technical department for five years.
  •   Mr. Bravi then worked in engineering position with 'Sargent & Lundy' - one of the ten largest nuclear power designing firms in the world. During this time in 1979, Mr. Bravi also organized and created Face & Facial Co., Ltd., a company Mr. Bravi founded as President, which he still owns and was manages with his family today. Their skin care product lines is known Nationally and Internationally. The company activity and performance recognized and publicized in 85 national magazines. Mr. Bravi and his good wife Mila developed their line of products under the name "Milbra", a trade name. Many international celebrities in the film and television industries are clients of salon services and this product line for post-op plastic surgery and for treatment of severe acne problems with these award winning products producing excellent results. 
  •   Mr. Bravi acquired his own Investment Real Estate Firm producing over $2.5 Billion in offerings, growing this business into industrial equipment and commodity sales which has developed into project finance with Mr. Bravi's current company ownership called Royal Investments Ltd., where Mr. Bravi is the current Chairman of the Board and CEO.

Mr. Robert J. Neely 

  • The President and CEO of WorldWide Productivity, Inc. (WWP)
  • WWP is a project development company.
  • Mr. Neely is also the CEO of Global Procurement Associates, Inc. (GPA).
  • GPA is a procurement company operating in 28 countries worldwide. 

  •   Mr. Neely brings over 35 years of successful business history to both ventures. Mr. Neely’s career started with Procter & Gamble. He then moved to Johnson & Johnson. After several marketing and sales assignments at Johnson & Johnson, he became the Vice President of Sales and a member of the Management Board of then the largest consumer products division within the Corporation.

  •   During his tenure at Johnson & Johnson, Mr. Neely’s sales organization successfully implemented the national rollout of Reach Toothbrush, OB Tampons and Sundown Sunscreen. Mr. Neely then moved to American Cyanimid where he was the Vice President of Sales of their largest consumer products division and a member of the Management Board and ultimately became the Executive Vice President for Consumer Products Worldwide.

  •   Mr. Neely left American Cyanimid to become the President and CEO of a privately-owned New York based Company called Product Movers. Product Movers was a free standing insert company (FSI). At the time he took over this Company it had $20 million in sales, no profit and last in the industry. Within three years, under Mr. Neely’s direction, Product Movers was ranked second in the industry with over $400 million in sales and a 23% PBT (profit before tax) line. The Company was ultimately purchased by Rupert Murdoch for inclusion in his News America Corporation.

  •   Mr. Neely was President and CEO of the American Consulting Corporation (ACC) in New York City, owned by a British holding company. At the time ACC was the largest sales promotion and full-marketing services company in the United States. In addition, it was the largest of 78 companies owned worldwide by the British holding company.​

  •   Mr. Neely has spent the last 15 plus years as an entrepreneur, successfully starting and running a College insert and College marketing company. He was also President of a successful sports marketing company before starting his own sports marketing company, International Sports & Event Marketing, Ltd. (ISM). He successfully started a Senior PGA Tour Golf Event. In his capacity as owner and CEO of this international sports marketing company he was responsible for marketing for participants in the prestigious sailing events, the America’s Cup and the Whitbred Round-The-World Sailing Event as well as numerous international corporate meetings and golf events in Australia, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Canada, the U.K., South Africa, etc. In addition, Mr. Neely’s sports marketing company created and managed the on-line scoring system for the LPGA Golf Tour. He also marketed the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations in New York City.

  •   Mr. Neely’s recent projects included the purchase of the Shark Island Yacht Club in Newport Beach, California. Mr. Neely changed the name to the Newport Beach Yacht Club and after six years of ownership, it was sold to facilitate more active involvement in WorldWide Productivity, Inc. and Global Procurement Associates, Inc.

  •   In addition, Mr. Neely is currently involved in land acquisition and financing for projects in Panama, Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia and El Salvador in conjunction with consulting for private companies in these countries involved in infrastructure building and rebuilding. In addition to these Central and South American Countries, projects are being implemented in Mexico and Western Africa, specifically Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya and Liberia. In addition, Mr. Neely is working on a major green technology in Israel. These projects involve, but are not limited to, vertical wind-turbine, new wave green generators and state of the art water purification and enhancement programs. These are long-term financing and construction projects that will bring years of economic, viability and progress in these geographic regions. These projects come on the heels of successful implementation of similar projects in Russia and Viet Nam.

  •   Mr. Neely earned a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Kansas in 1968. After completion of additional graduate hours, Mr. Neely successfully completed the program in Marketing Strategy from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1980. He makes his home in Laguna Beach, California with his wife, Susan.​

Mr. Larry Lefebvre

  • Project Manager for Canada - Nauta Capital Management

  • Mr. Lefebvre Graduated with a degree in Agriculture and later founded the first of what was to become the Laden Group of Companies.

Laden Steel Fabricators Inc., became a leader in the agricultural industry specializing in the manufacturing and construction of turn-key Feed mill and Commercial Grain Handling systems throughout Western Canada.   

Laden Steel also diversified into environmental storage units plus equipment and major components for the Oil and Materials Handling Industry with global exposure. Mr. Lefebvres' Organization directly employed over 200 people thru-out Western Canada in various related industries for over 30 years.

  • Laden Steel was later sold as an ongoing successful company with all employees intact.